Friday, November 18, 2011

Already November,

Currently, I'm reading Huey. Huey's so deep and beyond some other shit that I've never come across, ever before in my life. Like he starts off this book with "I started studying law to become a better burglar". How more real can you get? In reading Huey, I've come to identify with him, his thought, and his logic. I smile at the things he says. Knowing that I should be more like Bobby Seale, in my efforts to bring about change, I find Huey more entertaining, more... eye for an eye type. Seems fair to me. I'm taking notes on Huey, getting to know him and getting to know pointers on this whole "America" situation I'm stuck in. It's definitely something for me. Something to me.

Besides reading, I'm working. Working on getting new place to work at. Because this new place isn't working for me. I've never been somewhere where everywhere you go everyone is miserable, thus their only thriving desire in life is to make the next person miserable. I feel like, in my heart I believe this, my old boss threw me under the bus - like a city bus or a school bus with like 60 screaming children on it. It hurt me, but at the same time I don't know why I expected much else. There was a bitterness at the end of my employment with her, seeing as how she would due to my departure have to work, I would be a little upset too. (Lol). So now I'm trying to piece together reliable people, who will speak highly of my work ethic and will give me the credit that I am do. It's crazy, it's like Massachusetts is a state full of taxes and plagiarizing mf's - who just want to get all the praise and not give you a raise. I'll show `em.

In other news, I'm looking forward to moving. This time it'll be to CT (I know, I've lived up & down the Eastern board). I'm really feeling good about this one, feeling like regardless what comes of it ; it will be a better situation than the one I am in currently. And I will take that with two strokes and a goldfish, do you understand me right now? Being closer to theCity, I'll be back on my scene. And back on my scene means one step closer back to me. Along with the plans I have to Love, things can only get better after being so far down. I'm ampd.

Seems like winter's going to be here a little bit earlier than predicted. I mean, the weather man is of no real use anymore. "It may be sunny or a chance of rain today" like thank you kumquat. I'm a little on edge right now. Like my brain is doing laps around and around and around. Slighty schizo, possibly, mental illness does run in my family.... Meh, I'll be around.

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