Saturday, May 23, 2009

Moving Day.

So it's official. I'm moving to South Jersey on Monday. Crazyyy. Tomorrow me and my grandma are driving to Rochester to see some family, I got some other plans hopefully it comes through. Gonna go to some cookout at some family member house, that I really don't even know, but... Yeahhh. Then from there we're gonna drive from Rochester to Jersey. That's gonna be... fun? I think my little cousin is coming back too, with his dog. Great right? Lol.

I think it's like a 6hr drive from here to Jersey, so it's like a 8hr drive from Rochester to Jersey. Gonna be the longest day of my lifeee. But hopefully when I get there, I settle in & then like. . . I don't know what Imma do.

I do know one thing, and ya'll can "awwww" if you want to;
but Imma miss my mama. That's for sure.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Say What's Real.

People have been shitting on Drake, since he dressed up as Michael Jackson, shooting hoops in the wheelchair on Degrassi. But I fuckz with Drake. The end. Cause he fuckz w| me. Lmfao, he definitely said he fuckz w| me when he came to my school for Springfest. Usually I don't go vicious w| the youtube video's but this live joint? Amazing. And since this is how I'm feeling tonight, I'm sharing.

"& dont listen to anybody that knew me. cause who of known me would mean thats theres a new me & if you think ive changed in the slightest could of fooled me."

(time to go to sleep... ; jersey on monday.]

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"My Yellow" Open Mic Performance, (5/17]

Rick Short - "Today (days after) I received a message from someone who was at The Tram - he said your performance was "magical". Truth!"

The video does get cut off, I apologize. I had limited memory on my digital camera. And I have a lame Kodak camera (now accepting donations on a new digi cam! :| serious] But the first poem is titled "My Yellow" it's about my best friend Jony, who's life changed my life, words can't even say. And the second is "Democracy, LOL." All [3] poems I performed that night were free-style, I did not even have them written down on any page.

Rick Short accompanied me, (the bald guy :D] &&; he played "Drive" by the Carrs *My Yellow and "Belief" by John Mayer *Democracy.

Sidebar: I can't express enough, how thankful I am for Rick. Without him, and his pushing me to get up there week after week after week to perform and communicate the things I have to say, I know that I would not be "thatpoet;ace" as people have titled me.
...So thank you thank you thank you Rick.

peace, -ace.

Ghost Status.

Hey Hi `Ello.

Yeah, I haven't been around the worldwideweb lately, just kind of went on a hiatus. Kinda funny, I came back to my house to check on things & grab my camera - to find my laptop power cord burned out. SO ! I'm currently stealing my sister's cord, we both have Dells, but when I move to Jersey on Monday... I don't know what Imma do. My grandma does have [2] computers, so we'll see how that goes. Lol.

It's kind of funny. Anyhow, so yeah I have less than a week left in Upstate NY. Then to South Jersey, Pennsauken to be exact. I'm excited & worried, never really left Mum. "Awwww" cute I know. I need to go to Target and get some bins to pack clothes, and I guess call a DA tomorrow and figure out my traffic violation. Ummm yeah, probably not going to be around though... One thing I have figured out and take my word for it:

"Life is a taxi-cab, rather youre moving or standing still -
the meter is still going."


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Writing in General

"No thinking — that comes later. You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is... to write, not to think!"

When I was in the 9th grade I had an English tutor that lived up the block from me. And her boyfriend, Dave "Dancy" Dancy, wrote for the local newspaper "Utica Phoenix", over the years he's become my writing/life mentor. Anyhow back in '03... By this time I was a recognized talented youth in my neighborhood, the "big fish, in a little pond" typa deal. I was amazing at free writing; poetry, articles, stories, etc. -- but Required writing aka HW assignments? I dreaded and hated. I would write essays, get A's, write papers, get 3's ; I had been doing that for all of my life it felt. I was over it. (Still am, even in college]. But last night me and my bro were watching Finding Forrester, and Sean Connery delivered that quote. It struck me because that's what Dave told me when I was writing my essay for an English assignment. It wasn't exactly that, but he told me "Never hand in your first work, write first, just write - then throw it out, and then write your actual work." I've followed that advice and I got higher grades. Whenever I threw something together and turned it in, I passed but it's decent. The difference is very apparent to me going on my Junior year of college.

I still hate Required Writing, and I procrastinate to the last minute. Like that make-up assignment that's due tomorrow for the anti-Christ? Yeah, I haven't started on it. I gotta go to trouble-mobile and get a new battery for my phone. Definitely need my Starbucks fix before anything else.

SO - that paper? It'll get done later tonight. I took the time to write this blog though, some things never change. Lol.
peace, -ace.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

She's Aliveee.

Sorry that it's upside sideways? O__o, I just got this rechargeable USB port for my batteries. So I should be making more video's and stuff. This is just a random update video I made tonight. Mhm, enjoy.

peace, -ace.

*yes, I know I update this blog a lot. -shrugz- I like it. You do too. Lol. ;]

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tonight Was SO Unplanned.

I pulled up at my grandma's around 6pm, I see my grandma on the side of her house by car with the trunk open. This woman is 73 with arthiritis, osteoporosis, and a bad knee trying to lift my old mini-fridge from her trunk and carry it to the house. (smh] - So I, being the strong gentlewoman that I am, brought it in for her, like it wasn't nothing. Then I dipped out, drove down Eagle St. and ran into my mother who said she was going to my grandma's to get my brother & sister that were there. You know we held up traffic for a quick minute. Whatever whatever. She dropped her van off and got into my car and we went to the lame ass mall here. "Sangertown" :| There's no Forever21, Urban Outfitters, Starbucks -- Nothing of substance for me besides H&M.

We went to buy these Blazers(Nike] I wanted. Their so fckn ahhhhhh. And guess what? They don't have my size. The only negative about having a small foot, never ever find sneakers in your size. At least not the ones you want. Fckn FootLocker. Looked at Champs, nothing. Mum's still stuck on me shopping at Aero... that was when I was like 14. I hate Aero, everything has a monkey or "Aero" on it. :|

Ended up staying at that mall until 930 when it closes, then ran into Wal-Mart. Wally World = Florescent Heaven. We were there getting groceries. I needed veggie bacon & dulce de leche Haagan Daaz ice cream. So yeah... That was my night.

I was supposed to go to the mall with Mum, get my sneakers, and then come back and read this chapter on Impressionalism for that dumbass assignment. But umm negative on that. Right now I gotta headache and I'm watching the Playoffs with my Uncle. My sister's on her laptop, I'm on mines. About to go to my room.

Things I'm going to think about tonight (you all know I love lists]:
1. Impressionalist Assignment
2. Spending $$$ Excessively ; needs to cease.
3. Everytime I say "I'm leaving in 2wks" around Mum, she gets sad. Maybe I need to stop...

Mum gotta bring me my bacon, cereal, and ice cream in the morning though because my brother took that bag outta my car when I dropped her off to come home (suburbs, live with my aunt & uncle] Mhm... Oh, I know I use the ":|" face a lot. It means *not impressed*. Lol. Take Care.

peace, -ace.


I just checked my e-mail from school. Usually, I don't bother to check my account, because it's just a bunch of emails from Chris Malik or Maureen sending millions of forwards of useless information. But I'm making my morning rounds for search bars twitter, dl, myspace, email accounts and I see an e-mail from my Art History professor. If you haven't heard about Sommer, she is the anti-Christ. Satan herself, that woman is miserable. Even my mama said so.

She sent me a make-up assignment for missing my final. Now why do I need a make-up assignment? Because my best friend was in the hospital, after having a seizure and multiple strokes on Friday morning. (She's recovering well and at home in a rehab center in Albany]. But my professor sent me this assignment because even though Dean Clauson told her that she had to let me take the final she said to me "I don't give re-takes for anyone, because you're not going to pass it. It is a waste of time for both of us." So.... Yeah.

What is this make-up assignment? A 1-2page paper on Impressionalism. I don't even really like Impressionalism. Not my favorite part of Art History. I don't even like European Art. I'm sick of learning about Europe. Like... There are other continents, other things were happening, I've been learning about Europe since I was forced to remember that "In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue." But I'm going to do this assignment. It's due Friday. :|

Sommer isn't going to be chair of the Art Dept at Daemen next semester. Hmph, good. I just feel sorry for anyone who suffers from a random ass tragedy. She has no heart, just long ass stories about how she stalks out little churches in Venice to look at artwork that nobody else cares about.

It's summer break... My first week home I'm spending writing a damn Art History paper. Welcome to the life of an up&coming graphic designer.

A Change Gon' Come

I just came home from school like Friday... and today I decided that it was time for me to vacate again. Utica (the ''city'', not street. lol) is not at all the place to be. For the longest I've been complaining about needing a place that would embody me as a person, and not as a resident. Does that make sense? Utica has a few amenities to it. I mean almost anyone can find housing and a job here, my Moms family is here, my Dads mom is here...But there's nothing to suits me. No poetry slams, no free art shows, no trains, no shopping, no gay life at all. Gas is $2.43, Tram Open Mic is only on Sunday nights, there's 6 other days for me to idley sit and waste away. High school friends are doing the same same -- shit. I spent a lot of time travelling last summer, most of it being spent in DC and NYC. I need that fast pace, constant movement, ongoing change. Something that's gonna keep me going, some motivation, creative enforcement? And I know Utica can not provide it.

I confirmed the move with my grandmother today. I gave her a friendly call, wishing her a belated Mothers Day, and sneaking in there "Are you coming up here anytime soon?" She is, she'll be here Wednesday for my Uncle's graduation from USC (Career training college), and she's coming back Memorial Day weekend. She said this is the best time to move to NJ with her. It's just crazy because I've never been away from my Mum like that, besides college, since I was young and lived with my Dads nogoodass. Of course I went on vacations, trips, and visits but always like a departure date and arrival where my Mum would be there to get me. Mum said she's just a phone call away, and I know she will come get me if I want - But I don't want her to. I want this.

It's only until July. Then I'm moving to Raleigh, NC with my Uncle (the one that's graduating). My Aunt Tiffany, who's already in Greensboro, is supposed to be opening her second hair salon & spa, I'll be working with her. Trying to transfer to NC A&T, Deltaaaaa's. Lol...It's funny that all the though is coming now. Because when Grandmoms said yeah today, I had a smile on my face and immediately texted my "bro" Vic, "Guess who's moving to Jersey in 2wks. =)" I've had plans before, to move and do things, but nothing ever so solid as this.

I said 2009 would be a year of change. Obama said so too, lol. So let's see where this takes me. -Shrugs- I could always come back to Utica and get on my feet. It's not going anywhere.
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