Saturday, May 23, 2009

Moving Day.

So it's official. I'm moving to South Jersey on Monday. Crazyyy. Tomorrow me and my grandma are driving to Rochester to see some family, I got some other plans hopefully it comes through. Gonna go to some cookout at some family member house, that I really don't even know, but... Yeahhh. Then from there we're gonna drive from Rochester to Jersey. That's gonna be... fun? I think my little cousin is coming back too, with his dog. Great right? Lol.

I think it's like a 6hr drive from here to Jersey, so it's like a 8hr drive from Rochester to Jersey. Gonna be the longest day of my lifeee. But hopefully when I get there, I settle in & then like. . . I don't know what Imma do.

I do know one thing, and ya'll can "awwww" if you want to;
but Imma miss my mama. That's for sure.


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