Monday, June 1, 2009

i (ROAM]

yo yo yo. .shrugs. Alright so I know everyone's been asking and want to know - How's Jersey? Well... I can't tell you precisely right now cause I'm in Philly. Yesterday I had my TT take me across the bridge to Wilmington (Delaware] to go stay with my Aunt K, the one that everyone swears is my Moms cause we look |exactly| like mother & daughter. (si, that's my mother in that picture a right]- but yeah... I got there and wasn't feeling it, so I left with my friend Kyle, came over to Philly this morning. Tomorrow gonna actually go into Philly, get into something.

"You're a roamer." I can't say who's been calling me that for days now, but yeah - I agree. Lol. I don't know, I'm just not comfortable. But I figured this out, over these last 2days -- I wanna be in Jersey.

“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.” (Maya Angelou]

I do NOT want to go home to my mum, like no - though I miss her. The whole "You're 19, about to be 20, figure your life out" thing. Not on my to-do list. What is however is going back to Jersey, getting a job, & then chillen out for the summer.

The next move? North Carolina in July w| my Uncle. (I know, family EVERYWHERE] Make that move, and transfer schools. Might go to the Art Institute instead of NC A+T but we'll see. Never know what I might do next.
Ace; cause I keep one up my sleeve in case my maid wants to leave.

Man. All the cliche's and quotes about home, but this one has meant the most to me over the last couple days. "Home. The place you grow up wanting to leave & we grow old wanting to get back to."

Saw the Philly skyline from the balcony, now Imma go ahead and sleep on it.


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