Friday, June 26, 2009

Annie is NOT okay. ; I'm Twenty.

My text messages went from 12am "Happy Birthday Ace!" to a 3pm text from my grandmother "Michael Jackson?" Followed by a lot of confused texted. People were like sorry that Michael Jackson died on your birthday...
I'm sorry too? .sigh.

The headline on the New York Post this morning "DEAD". Crazy, still so surreal to me. I was a little selfish at first "Stop with the text messages about Michael! It's my birthday?!" - But now I find myself listening to all the videos, downloaded 2 ringtones (Man in the Mirror & SCREAM), and defending the King of Pop.

At home, in my grandmothers house, if you go up the stairs into the bedroom that's right across from you? You'll see Michael Jackson stickers plastered on my mothers closet doors. You'll see a poster rolled up in the corner. If you were to unfold it you'd see a picture of some black penny loafers, white socks, and ankle high pants. Scribbled in typographic cursive his signature. - Yeah, I was raised with Michael. Hell I saw the tribute of the little house in Gary and was like "damn, yeah that's that 2bedroom home."

So how was my birthday?... Starbucks & Pet shops changed to Graffiti & People watching... it was good. I even got a free bracelet. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, texts & testi'z, calls & comments. The day was lovely, I even got a free bracelet.

Remember the time? Definitely.

peace, -ace.

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