Friday, June 5, 2009

Raining Day in the City.

Booooo. So listen I travelled for like 2hrs yesterday, stressed out for the prior 36hrs to getting on the bus to come back home to the City. Arrived at Port Authority last night around 730pm, and walked around the (cliche] Village till about 10pm with my peoples Fii & her gf, Ona. Yeah, I was pretty much third wheel :|. Got down here to Flatbush around 11pm & just chilled out with my old roomie, Nicole, & watched the game, listened to music - chill; laid low for the night.

Happy Friday from Bob! -- It's been raining. Since 630am when I got up to make a surprise phone call, until 11am when I got spazzed at for asking if it was still raining (though she claims I've YET to see her spazz. :|] It's 811pm... It's still raining. We haven't left Flatbush all day, because it's been raining. No gay cookies nor any other plans were worked through.

So what does Ace do? Stay another night at home. And hopefully tomorrow will be better & no rain. It's supposed to be really nice tomorrow. Rescheduling & rejuvenating. Making up the break ups. Lol, and try again.

If tomorrow doesn't work out, and I do end up making my way back to Philly to get with my bro Vic at Kyle's, then we'll be back in about 2wks. For what? NYC's celebrating my 20th bday DUHHH! I'll be returning to NYC early afternoon on June 24th. Wah wah Wah...Day & Night... Lmfao.


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