Friday, June 26, 2009


No my brain is not that small (Assholez] - but I think that it probably will be by the time I turn like... 27. I constantly think. Think Think Think. That's not a problem, not so much - But I think so much that I think about what I'm thinking about... And then I laugh. (Smh]

I think so much that I have to ask the Kidd, "What did I say I was gonna blog about?" I think I'll start listing everything ; like get a notebook & juss make lists. A notebook with no lines. Juss for thinking... so I can draw at the same time.

I have short term memory problems. That's medically documented. I can't remember days, what I did 2-3days before, and so it sucks. That sucksss. In order to remember stuff for school, I write my notes in my phone. And then I transfer them to looseleaf, and then when it's the day before the exam, I transfer them into a notebook. Just so I can remember the information. I suck.

My brain sucks. It's always going and going and going and going. I'm hungry. Which means I get grumpy, I get really grumpy. "I catch an attitude over food." (That's my quote, don't take it.] Is there such thing as ADD of the Brain? Because my thoughts are a constant train ride, but my body's at a stand-still. I have been called the "(In]Sane Genius" -- that's about right.

Anyhowww. I wish I could juss put my brain into comatose. Juss like for a day. So it can rest, it needs rest. And I need food. I really need food, before I blow up the world. That's bad. Imma fat kidd. Ha!

peace, -ace.

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  1. And you know I can relate. In this consistant never ending battle with the mind[s]


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