Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sober Friday.

OMG, my insides hurt. Okay - now that that's off of my chest. Where in the world is Ace? Back at home, in South Jersey, at my grandmothers. Philly was probably the worse disaster I've ever put myself into. One of those "had to be there" but wouldn't wish such buhfoolery upon anyone situations. Yeahhh. I don't know what's going on with people. Summer o9 isn't even here yet & they're buggin. Maybe it's a new strand of swine flu we don't know about yet. (btw why is swine flu still a #trend on twitter?] I know ya'll want to know what happened, but there's not enough typing in the world that could spell out the recockuness that happened there. I aint even see Philly for real, and I know it's a ethnically rich and creative area - that's what I need to see. Not no stud tryna get with another masculine identifying lesbian. Hmmm, yeah I'll pass. Lol ! Pure faggetry. & if you're reading this, which I'm sure you are. I have no problem with s4s, just not my cup of tea "sweetie." Ha!

My mind is on overdrive like MTV for real. Ummm, so today I stole my grandmother's van. Funny, funny thing. It's quite obvious I'm the new favorite in the house. So my cousin convinced me to take my grandmother's van and drop her off at her friends house. I was game, something to do. Well as soon as all get in the van, back out the driveway? My grandma comes running down the stairs "Get your ass out my car!?" LMFAO. Funny thing is, as soon as she seen it was me? It all changed, to sweetie's and the caring grandma voice I know. Made up some lie about getting hair glue for my T.T. Tammy (she was doing Tasha's hair next door) and dropped her off. (smh] Lovely.

Grandma has been trying to get me a job though. Seems like everywhere we go that's hiring, or NOT, she's like "you'd be good..." then she looks at the clerk "Are you guys hiring?" Haha. Little does she knows that I'm just waiting to get all this summer energy out. There's 12days till my birthday. Going back home to NYC to get GONE. Then NYC Pride is that following Sunday? BURNT OUT.

After that? I'm applying to every grocery store, every new store "NOW HIRING" & anywhere in the vicinity. I'm trying to get into the Philly artistic scene too. I already spoke to my older bro about it. My thing for this summer is "PRODUCTIVITY VS. ACTIVITY" Feel me? You better.Or get the fuck out my face, cause I'm on it.


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