Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tonight Was SO Unplanned.

I pulled up at my grandma's around 6pm, I see my grandma on the side of her house by car with the trunk open. This woman is 73 with arthiritis, osteoporosis, and a bad knee trying to lift my old mini-fridge from her trunk and carry it to the house. (smh] - So I, being the strong gentlewoman that I am, brought it in for her, like it wasn't nothing. Then I dipped out, drove down Eagle St. and ran into my mother who said she was going to my grandma's to get my brother & sister that were there. You know we held up traffic for a quick minute. Whatever whatever. She dropped her van off and got into my car and we went to the lame ass mall here. "Sangertown" :| There's no Forever21, Urban Outfitters, Starbucks -- Nothing of substance for me besides H&M.

We went to buy these Blazers(Nike] I wanted. Their so fckn ahhhhhh. And guess what? They don't have my size. The only negative about having a small foot, never ever find sneakers in your size. At least not the ones you want. Fckn FootLocker. Looked at Champs, nothing. Mum's still stuck on me shopping at Aero... that was when I was like 14. I hate Aero, everything has a monkey or "Aero" on it. :|

Ended up staying at that mall until 930 when it closes, then ran into Wal-Mart. Wally World = Florescent Heaven. We were there getting groceries. I needed veggie bacon & dulce de leche Haagan Daaz ice cream. So yeah... That was my night.

I was supposed to go to the mall with Mum, get my sneakers, and then come back and read this chapter on Impressionalism for that dumbass assignment. But umm negative on that. Right now I gotta headache and I'm watching the Playoffs with my Uncle. My sister's on her laptop, I'm on mines. About to go to my room.

Things I'm going to think about tonight (you all know I love lists]:
1. Impressionalist Assignment
2. Spending $$$ Excessively ; needs to cease.
3. Everytime I say "I'm leaving in 2wks" around Mum, she gets sad. Maybe I need to stop...

Mum gotta bring me my bacon, cereal, and ice cream in the morning though because my brother took that bag outta my car when I dropped her off to come home (suburbs, live with my aunt & uncle] Mhm... Oh, I know I use the ":|" face a lot. It means *not impressed*. Lol. Take Care.

peace, -ace.

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