Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Change Gon' Come

I just came home from school like Friday... and today I decided that it was time for me to vacate again. Utica (the ''city'', not street. lol) is not at all the place to be. For the longest I've been complaining about needing a place that would embody me as a person, and not as a resident. Does that make sense? Utica has a few amenities to it. I mean almost anyone can find housing and a job here, my Moms family is here, my Dads mom is here...But there's nothing to suits me. No poetry slams, no free art shows, no trains, no shopping, no gay life at all. Gas is $2.43, Tram Open Mic is only on Sunday nights, there's 6 other days for me to idley sit and waste away. High school friends are doing the same same -- shit. I spent a lot of time travelling last summer, most of it being spent in DC and NYC. I need that fast pace, constant movement, ongoing change. Something that's gonna keep me going, some motivation, creative enforcement? And I know Utica can not provide it.

I confirmed the move with my grandmother today. I gave her a friendly call, wishing her a belated Mothers Day, and sneaking in there "Are you coming up here anytime soon?" She is, she'll be here Wednesday for my Uncle's graduation from USC (Career training college), and she's coming back Memorial Day weekend. She said this is the best time to move to NJ with her. It's just crazy because I've never been away from my Mum like that, besides college, since I was young and lived with my Dads nogoodass. Of course I went on vacations, trips, and visits but always like a departure date and arrival where my Mum would be there to get me. Mum said she's just a phone call away, and I know she will come get me if I want - But I don't want her to. I want this.

It's only until July. Then I'm moving to Raleigh, NC with my Uncle (the one that's graduating). My Aunt Tiffany, who's already in Greensboro, is supposed to be opening her second hair salon & spa, I'll be working with her. Trying to transfer to NC A&T, Deltaaaaa's. Lol...It's funny that all the though is coming now. Because when Grandmoms said yeah today, I had a smile on my face and immediately texted my "bro" Vic, "Guess who's moving to Jersey in 2wks. =)" I've had plans before, to move and do things, but nothing ever so solid as this.

I said 2009 would be a year of change. Obama said so too, lol. So let's see where this takes me. -Shrugs- I could always come back to Utica and get on my feet. It's not going anywhere.

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