Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"My Yellow" Open Mic Performance, (5/17]

Rick Short - "Today (days after) I received a message from someone who was at The Tram - he said your performance was "magical". Truth!"

The video does get cut off, I apologize. I had limited memory on my digital camera. And I have a lame Kodak camera (now accepting donations on a new digi cam! :| serious] But the first poem is titled "My Yellow" it's about my best friend Jony, who's life changed my life, words can't even say. And the second is "Democracy, LOL." All [3] poems I performed that night were free-style, I did not even have them written down on any page.

Rick Short accompanied me, (the bald guy :D] &&; he played "Drive" by the Carrs *My Yellow and "Belief" by John Mayer *Democracy.

Sidebar: I can't express enough, how thankful I am for Rick. Without him, and his pushing me to get up there week after week after week to perform and communicate the things I have to say, I know that I would not be "thatpoet;ace" as people have titled me.
...So thank you thank you thank you Rick.

peace, -ace.

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