Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ghost Status.

Hey Hi `Ello.

Yeah, I haven't been around the worldwideweb lately, just kind of went on a hiatus. Kinda funny, I came back to my house to check on things & grab my camera - to find my laptop power cord burned out. SO ! I'm currently stealing my sister's cord, we both have Dells, but when I move to Jersey on Monday... I don't know what Imma do. My grandma does have [2] computers, so we'll see how that goes. Lol.

It's kind of funny. Anyhow, so yeah I have less than a week left in Upstate NY. Then to South Jersey, Pennsauken to be exact. I'm excited & worried, never really left Mum. "Awwww" cute I know. I need to go to Target and get some bins to pack clothes, and I guess call a DA tomorrow and figure out my traffic violation. Ummm yeah, probably not going to be around though... One thing I have figured out and take my word for it:

"Life is a taxi-cab, rather youre moving or standing still -
the meter is still going."


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