Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I just checked my e-mail from school. Usually, I don't bother to check my daemen.edu account, because it's just a bunch of emails from Chris Malik or Maureen sending millions of forwards of useless information. But I'm making my morning rounds for search bars twitter, dl, myspace, email accounts and I see an e-mail from my Art History professor. If you haven't heard about Sommer, she is the anti-Christ. Satan herself, that woman is miserable. Even my mama said so.

She sent me a make-up assignment for missing my final. Now why do I need a make-up assignment? Because my best friend was in the hospital, after having a seizure and multiple strokes on Friday morning. (She's recovering well and at home in a rehab center in Albany]. But my professor sent me this assignment because even though Dean Clauson told her that she had to let me take the final she said to me "I don't give re-takes for anyone, because you're not going to pass it. It is a waste of time for both of us." So.... Yeah.

What is this make-up assignment? A 1-2page paper on Impressionalism. I don't even really like Impressionalism. Not my favorite part of Art History. I don't even like European Art. I'm sick of learning about Europe. Like... There are other continents, other things were happening, I've been learning about Europe since I was forced to remember that "In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue." But I'm going to do this assignment. It's due Friday. :|

Sommer isn't going to be chair of the Art Dept at Daemen next semester. Hmph, good. I just feel sorry for anyone who suffers from a random ass tragedy. She has no heart, just long ass stories about how she stalks out little churches in Venice to look at artwork that nobody else cares about.

It's summer break... My first week home I'm spending writing a damn Art History paper. Welcome to the life of an up&coming graphic designer.

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  1. lmao @ the pic of sam i am.
    that sooo goes perfectly with the post.