Friday, January 15, 2010

Subject: Topics.

If all I wrote about was heartbreak, unrequited love, fulfilling love, romance, and passion, more people would read my writing. But that’s not all I write about because there is fucking more to life than that. There’s also art, nature, puppies, babies, old people, relatives, friends, good times, bad times, parties, hangovers, shit days, boredom, depression, memories, feelings of being burnt out, lonely, pathetic, apathetic, indifferent, sad, or happy, genuinely not giving a shit about people’s opinion, or being overwhelmed by it, or, au contraire, en-liberated by it, and a million other things. And if I limited my subjects to romance, I would limit myself -which is what you do if, in fact, romance is all you focus on in your life. So there’s that. I mean it’s cute and all, and obviously you’re a teenager or a young adult and you’re wrapped up in all that, but really, it often kind of sucks for your family and friends when that’s your major priority.

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