Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rolling Stone.

The raindrops fall and nestle between the soil
Seeping into their spots of asphalt
I compare this to the love I have
Splattered against the ground I've been pulled to rock bottom 
By an element that only exists on a emotionology vocab list
Four letters
Three words
Two beings

As wonderful as thunder rolling across the clouds
Sunshine vouyering in between the light windows
A glow stroke each treetop as if to frame the excitement
Natural and pure a divine gift wrapped in dew

Drizzle me in your excrements
Interpret my words in exchangement for verbs 
And let them drip against my skin 
Brushing away the scars of past falls

The tapping of droplets on the gutter of my mind
Riveting into a trail of bliss
The splash causes a ripple that delivers beautiful creation
Shower me in your delight 

This scent tingles my nostrils 
A reminder of the kiss you dab my lips with 
And I crumble underneath the skyline

1 comment:

  1. This scent tingles my nostrils
    A reminder of the kiss you dab my lips with
    And I crumble underneath the skyline absolute favorite part


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