Monday, June 14, 2010

SI: Poetry

I used love writing poems
I guess that’s cause I was in love with the game
Illustrated in my verbaility
To chase the words around
And always come out on top
I was fascinated by language
Engrossed in imagery
And could hyperbolize anything too much
Alliteration left me in ellipses
I just wanted to escape
Broaden my horizon to kick start my life
To a better place
Now it seems like everytime I turn on the radio
Someones stolen my line
It’s kinda funny cause
I thought that I’d be touring with my rhymes
Meant to happen this way I assume
I try to write down my thoughts
But the pink margins don’t leave much room
The beginning of the end
I feel like I’m always in last place
I have this sense of urgency with my life
Still I’m losing this race
My heart is taken but it’s beating slowly
But when I think about the end
I get suicidal daydreaming of being lonely
Don’t want this to go wrong
Never had to choice to go right
I’m ambidextrous by nature
Spoiled by natural ability
I try to live my life leisurely
Then they say I procrastinate
I fuck myself over
Kind of messy when you masturbate
Seeing myself now I don’t know who I am
Time flew by and now it’s ready to land
Words used to come to me
But now they just flee my grasp
Holding on to so much
Still I know I’m holding back
Behind the mic was the most comfortable I ever been
Realized I was just an act for a blue-eyed audience
Came back to where I started
Like I always do
Repeatedly not getting no where
Defying the elements of grammar
Double negative trying to get to ground zero
Poetry keep me under lock and key
Just looking for a window

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