Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I vs. Them

I remember when I was younger, I saw my cousin get yelled at for sayin' "I wish I was like Them". By 'Them' she meant Caucasian|Ameropean individuals. Now believe me, I always have|will believe that Black Is Beautiful. I just wish I knew then what I know now.

Where I come from it's a constant blur of people of all races. Constant. But as I got older, I got pushed out into a different world. No reality show series, I mean at least in my eyes it's a different world. Them see the world through blue eyes filled up with entitlement. Them walk on clouds because they live a cushioned life. Them never know how I feel.

It's pointless to me. To complain or converse with Them on these things. Them will never be able to. But it kills me to turn on the TV &see Them getting the most help recovering from Heroin addictions, another INTERVENTION where the family enabled them financially to do so; yet we are just an experiment of the government, no one see's the irony in our population living in a place called projects. Them own the world & everything in it. American history sickens me. Them created this place for Them. Irks me for Them to treat us beyond bad like we signed up on a waiting list to come here. Them no write our names in Ellis Islands Passenger Search.

But Them also live a miserable life. Empty of greed and bitterness. Them never satisfied. Them murderers that call (them) selves conquerers. I couldn't imagine living a life that never gets full. Constantly riding on E.

It's tuff though, more often than not; Out here in Them world.

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  1. Them always had it that way here in America. Them lived in a bad neighborhood (in the global context). Them suffered the worst poverty from a Planet that rarely blessed them. Then them left the hood (europe) and saw milk and honey everywhere them went. They saw people who lived with the land not at odds with it.Them were jealous, enraged that in a world with so much natural resources them were born into a cold forbidding hinterland that rarely satisfied the appetites of the inhabitants.
    Them left that cold land learned mathematics, them learned about spices and chemistry , astronomy...then they said they already knew it...them made it up...We mirror their experience here in America before them left da hood (Europe). And we are just starting to leave the hood.


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