Thursday, September 23, 2010

Forever Young

Let's just say that I'm short. &Because I have the blessings of my Grandmother's looks, I don't age. At all. Cause Imma vampire, tuh. No but seriously, I don't really... look 'older'. Mix that with my height & lack of physical attributes that would attest that I am indeed 21yrs old - at least 5x a day I hear "Why are you old enough to (fill in the blank)?"

So I started to change up. I ventured into wearing clothes I really didn't care for, I stopped my crazy colored high top collection, &I began to try to put forth the image that I am at least legal.

Still, it's not going too well. I don't think I'll ever ''look'' my age. When I'm pushing 30 I'll still be carded. It's a complaint now, probably be a compliment then.

What I'm tryna get at is - I hate the change up. I hate lookin' young. I wish I could just look ''21'', whatever that means. But at the end of the day? I'm me. And Imma be me. If you don't like that then I don't have shit to tell you. Here's my ID, sell me my alcoholic beverage & my lottery tickets.

Good Day Cold World.


  1. So I came to the conclusion. People in my life do not define my opinion of you. YOU HURT ME THO. You alone. I forgive but never ever forget.. what am I to do moomookittymoo. I wish your good health and continue to include your name in my prayers. I forgive you.. if you do me.

    anyway... yeah.

  2. Anon,

    I looked for you. BELIEVE ME; I did. And I received a message that was [TOX]XICK to my soul. Had no way of knowing it's truth, my only option was to search the web, which yielded NOresults. Listen to me & I shall hear you. Al(ready]ways have.

    figured if it wasn't (like you always do], you'll return.... you know. BEING.


  3. ;[ ugh. uhm.....I want to know some things idk how to contact you tho.

  4. uhm log on aim.

  5. boooo. usually im not online in the evening. cus i work early mornings ; (ex)cept today cus i switched with someone for night shift.

    sign on yahoo!, too much drama comes from aim. ill sign on y! n stay logged on. same sn: thatpoetace

  6. uhm. if anything email me &+ i'll send you my number??? thats all i can think of freddy.