Friday, October 29, 2010

Last Year

I had so much life in me. I'm looking at the number of my posts. I thought for sure that it would go UP as I got older and with time I would be able to spill myself onto these keys and write a melody so deep that you'd have to slap yourself to wake up the dream. But not yet, I'm not finding the acceptance in any of my speech that'll allow me to curve my tongue and mistake these letters for verbs. My actions are silenced. And I'm lurking, looking, and searching. Hoping that the words will come back to me. That my passion will actually - be. I'm nothing but a dreamer, a starving artist for lack of better terms. Yet I'm willing and able to become more than what you see me as from behind the scenes I'll arrive on stage. I'll blow up like a suicide bomber. I'm on a mission.

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