Thursday, December 9, 2010

I don't believe that you can re-transition to a pass 'you.' So when people say "I gotta get me back", you never lost you. I feel like if you don't grow then you won't progress. That's why the people who stay in the same city they grew up in, when you go visit them 20years after high school they still doing the same shit, fucking the same nigga, and even having that same ass hairdo. You have to change some shit up. You have to 'get out' and see the world. At least a different state.

I'm a roamer. I've probably lived in 20 different cities in the last 3years. And I love that about me. It's a new way for me to push my limits of my comfort. Currently, I'm only stable because I need to pay off a tuition bill to get back into school. But once that happens I'll probably be back on my hopping grind. There's no hurt in that to me. I have to experience a different because that's always been my situation: different.

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