Friday, January 21, 2011

Fools Rush In

I've been looking for love in all the wrong places. Everytime I found someone interesting & attractive, and became monogamous to/with them - I made that person the center of my world. One of my ex's, like 3years ago, told me that I rush into love too fast. And at the time I thought she was being spiteful and being hateful towards me, afterall this was right after her telling me that she was playing me for some other female. Digg? Right. But sitting here thinking about it I agree, sorta.

Love is something that has to be nurtured and catered to. Once you stop doing that and start pushing it into whatever "idea" you have it to be - you fuck it up. Trust, take it from me. I have done a lot of stupid things lately, because I had this idea of love and what I wanted. It's also a very selfish manner of going about things. Because a relationship is 2-sided, always. And if it's only one-sided then you'll look around and soon realize that you've been doing everything for yourself. Not for your relationship. And you're alone. Lol, word.

So my advice to you is to not rush love. Definitely don't push someone to be in a relationship with you, because if they're not ready - they are not ready. And then you just gonna be mad and bitter, breaking up something brand new, looking like a damn fool on Facebook. If you're already in a relationship and you're struggling to keep it together, step back and look at why there's the rifts there. More often then not it's a lack of communication. Just because you're listening doesn't mean you're hearing. Cause I damn sure ain't been the best at that one.

But I'm trying to change my ways.

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