Monday, June 13, 2011

In Store For Me,

  • Getting a degree in Fine Arts - Concentration: Media & Design, then I will go on to get a degree in Architecture
  • Premiere my clothing line
  • Establish myself as a poet/photographer/activist (because I believe in giving back)

I need to re-work myself. I have a lot of baggage with me, my past continuously haunts me. But I'll make the best of my situation and prove to everyone that I'm living my life for me. Forget the book. I know, I have 5011 post about what I'm going to do. And I mean everything that I've ever said, because I said it (point noted). (Jean Grae line, don't cockblock). With things being the way that they are I've honestly moved beyond the idea of what I am and put that into motion. There's a couple things/people/situations in my way but I'm in the process of making progress. I've realized that I've become miserable over the last couple years, I think it's because I wasn't ready for r.e.a.l. life. But I've adjusted and figured it all out. Things are going to get hard, but what's worth having it comes easy? Feel me?

I know you do. So stay tuned, and stay high. I'll be in touch.


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