Monday, September 14, 2009

WakeUp; Mr. West

Picture Idea via Vic [@theePROTEGE]
reCAP: If you somehow missed the VMAs last night; then you missed out on a beautiful thing. Janet Jackson (&+ Laurie Ann Gibson] threw it down with the Tribute to Michael Jackson. Madonna delivered a fantastic speech that brought tears to my eyes. Russell Brand got on stage &+ started the show; Best Female Video of the Year *drumroll* - Taylor Swift ! So as young 19yr old Taylor is on stage giving her thanks on how she "Never thought I'd get one of these, I sing country!" -- Mr. Controversial steps on stage, takes the mic, and blasts it raw &+ truth:
"Taylor I'm happy for you... but I gotta say that Beyonce had one of the best videos ever."

-Facepalms- Come on `Ye ; Not again. I think you just Chris Brown`d your career. (ROTFLMAODEAD].
Anybody that knows me, knows that I personally believe that Kanye West is #1 in the rap game right now. (If you want to know more of the list, request; I will tell you &+ I have legit reasons as to why I believe this]

iSupport Kanye.

Last year during an interview Mr. West was quoted as saying "I don't talk negatively about anyone else. I just talk about myself - and that's why I say what I want." Truth. Kanye has never called anyone out, he has never shitted or dogged out anyone else in the music industry, he didn't even DISSrespect Taylor Swift on the VMAs. What he did do was get up there, and yes rudely in the middle of her speech, say what's real. Beyonce did have one of the best videos of the year & everyone was pissed that Taylor Swift won the VMA. Why? Because nobody really ever saw the video; compared to how many people have seen Beyonce's "Single Ladies." Let's just take Youtube stats (which is credible, the US Supreme Court has reviewed video's on YT for judgment decisions).

Beyonce "Single Ladies" 11 months ago 66,027,566 views
Taylor Swift "You Belong To Me" 3 months ago 2,924,747 views

Now, Best Female Video of the YEAR  ; Beyonce's video has been out for almost a year vs. Taylor's has been out for the summer. *scratches chin* 

As far as Kanye? There's a lot of explanations for his behavior. 
1) It's Kanye - Why is everyone tweaking|tweeting about him being his normal arrogant outspoken self.
2) He was pictures leaving the event with a bottle of Henny in his hand, Amber Rose on the other side. 
So we all know "When the Henny's in the system aint no telling...." 

Explanations; NOT Excuses. (Check the word choice]

&+ Taylor didn't even stand up for herself; it's the VMAs - it's a party.She just stood there on some real white girl bullshit. Making motions with her mouth but nothing coming out. She's 19yrs old, she got time to get that much of her self esteem back. She could have been on some real regular stuff and LOL`d about it "Anyhow, I'd like to thank..." BOMB. Issue OVER.

Let's not even speak about the catastrophe of Lady Gaga's hatching (yes, hatching] of a performance. OR Lil Mama`s random ass poppin` on the stage of Jay-Z's & Alicia Keys bomb ass performance. POSTED LIKE:

-DEAD; I had to do it.-

Kanye West is probably one of the most controversial names in the music game. Remember this is also the same man who said last year that he is the "Michael Jackson of this generation." - Michael Jackson was controversial in EVERYTHING he did. This isn't the first time there's been an interruption on stage at the VMAs. Old Dirty Bastard hopped on stage during the Fugee's announcement of the `98 VMAs.  

He apologized (via BLOG | Click here ) ; which was really odd of him, I didn't expect it. HOWEVER he still stood his ground. Stating how he felt, and how he's sorry for taking away Taylor's moment. BUT he kept it real - as he did on stage.

You have to be you all the time regardless where you are. At the end of the day I say this about the entire situation "You spent all day coloring that picture but your teacher STILL put up Sally's & not yours....
& you let that hoe use your crayons." 


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