Tuesday, September 22, 2009


She speaks &+ breathes her air into ears phenomenally heartbeats are fast paced, racing to keep up yet its easier to breathe. Easier for me. Yet I can't reach the insides of her membrane; please just let me embrace your brain. Let me stroke away some of the pain w| the brushhairs of  my fingertips. Stroke away some of the pain thats driving you insane, because you can't come crashing down - you are my sanity. You are that peace of me that keeps me from breaking and tipping over pass capacity tipping over that line. I'd be lying if I were to say I didn't believe you were mine. I'd be telling stories to the biggest wide-eyed kid in the world; soured by my tongues bitterness spitting it all back up at me. Especially, if I didn't say that my care for is beyond this space; It's tumbled into the next galaxy. And I'm steadily falling falling falling - fallen dropping back down to my knees like an unkept satellite. Not this time, in my mind I have dreams so deep that I envision my hand dipping into the heavens to replace gods romances that have been lost in the black holes of life. Trying to keep on track w| your stride but you're much bigger than me. So I struggle all the time to get inside of your mind though you claim that's where I reside. Trust I clean my feet before entering through the sight of your eyes. But it's getting kinda cold because you no longer enjoy the sunshine. I read in between your lines and see the invisible ink that you've written in. Your pen cries away, wishing that someone could come and rearrange the lines that have gotten you displaced. There's no pink margins for whats wrong and whats right. That's why people invade and overtake the beautiful things in life. We have environmentalist screaming about global warming. As a human resource I wonder where is my warning. When will I get the chance to envelope the one who needs me most. Her pad has been filled w| rhymes so ill that it makes a knot in my stomach; which she untangles w| her smile. It's driving me wild to see her taken and broken down and it wasn't until now that i found the words to finish this poem. Emptiness fulfills every house, not a home. But you are home. You are my peace of mind. Eventually the pull of gravity will pull you into me. And we'll crash into this world together; standing hand in hand. Causing people to question the laws of nature written by man because our chemistry is more than any book could ever contain. Blasting into a cosmic reaction; acidic based advancing technology beyond this century.

Written in my phone 091909.

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