Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Measured Perfectly.

she tells me that she's not perfect
but if she only noticed that the antonym it[self]
is an alteration of word place - imperfection;
im perfection.

&no, she may not be perfect
but her flaws construct the line that
methodically draws momentum of an on screen
pulsation; she runs through me

she enters me, leaves me weak at my knees
&makes it hard to breathe.
it's almost as if i've been overtaken by her presence
but not possessed; still i am her possession
i belong to her as if i'm her sixth sense

i've longed for her touch ever since
well, like this ellipsis
[dot dot dot]

telling stories of life &l_ve
that would tear the notebook apart
becoming something so divine that hancocks alcoholism
cannot [over]stand our intoxication
she's my perfect drug

chemically measured in the right amount
if there is such a thing as an overdose on good
mmm. . .take me higher love

take me somewhere
i don't care where it is
as long as it's with you

that's my heaven, my paradise.
my eternal bliss & blurr of perfection.

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