Friday, December 18, 2009

final final.

in about 8hrs i will take my final final of 2009 &my final final at daemen college. - that feels really good to say (type). it's settled in with my friends on campus that i really wasn't coming back to daemen this time. i've been saying it for about a year, &this semester... i really found the determination to follow through with my words. i am a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason". i'm not trippin' about any of my finals, friends, or foes that i've made this year. i've had some really good times here. &i've had some bad. but all in all, college is the best experience of your life (or so they say). i mean what other time in your life are your parents going to pay thousands of dollars a year just for you to go to a strange town and get wasted every night?.... point proven.

this semester was one of a lot of realizations for me. i've grown as a person, more patient &more understanding of what i want in life, and my capabilities to achieve them if i'm focused on my fulfilling my potential. learned that friendships no matter how old can fall apart or simmer to an end for atypical reasons. after 3yrs noticed that if i do papers over a span of time instead of last minute they come out better. laughed because i thought the recession was a lie, till dudes were getting fired from workstudy. finally got that one dick of a professor who just shits on your life &thinks he's pericles of campus. & i've come to know that not everyone has common courtesy.

to answer the #2 question, (#1 is always: is your FB status true? you really aren't coming back?) i'm dropping outta school, moving back home with my mama, settle down, have a couple kids, &i'ma get on welfare.... LMAO, i jk! if i ever, lawd, ya'll really aint shit for letting it happen. - i'm going home, taking art &photography classes at one of the local colleges, then transferring out to a more art geared school. i only have 1semester to do this. that is my personal &professional deadline. -- again, i believe everything happens for a reason. on top of taking FT classes, i'll be working at my mums job in the mailroom, getting paid $9/hr to sort mail dealing with federal student loans.

i begin at the end. i know where i want to end up, i then go back and figure out how to get there. it works extremely well. i keep it 100, my mums paying $1,000 a month for me to go here &i'm taking all electives. i'm unhappy &cold. i'm a habitual hermit here. this is my 3rd yr &i feel no closer than to success than i did when i walked across proctorHIGH stage. &i'm scared as hell; i admit this.

 i'm going back to the beginning with the determination to come out on top at the end.
-- everything happens for a reason. daemen, i'll always be your 6th man. peace &love.

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