Sunday, December 13, 2009

pet peeve.

When people find out that I’ma vegetarian they feel the need to access my lifestyle. I get told constantly that the reason that I am so tiny is because I don’t eat meat. When in actuality, I’m healthier since I don’t eat meat. I just felt my insides clogging anything I ate meat and was on a track to high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease (IMO). 2yrs ago I eliminated meat from my regimen. I never ate meat as a child, I was a “picky eater”, so it wasn’t hard. Anyhow now I only eat fish occasionally (because I’m allergic to seafood), and take vitamins to makeup for the nutritional supplements.

Still, 2yrs later, the only people who doesn’t nag me about it is my mum, my girlfriend, and Neke. Pretty much everyone else that I see on a daily basis, college friends &family when I’m home, they have something to say. It’s annoying. I don’t need you to read the menu for me &tell me what I can have. Complain that I’m trying to be “white” because I don’t eat meat.
[Or any other nonsense.]

Most recent one? - I was at dinner, I got a jalapeno vegg wrap &a plate of fries. Shelly asked me if I was a veg, I responded yeah…(she knows but forgets until I’m eating around her, and then she clicks like a switch). Then chick we were sitting with goes into this discussion:

“You dont eat meat?” - “Nah.” - “How long you been a vegetarian?” - “Like 2yrs now…?” - “Oh okay.” - “Why not?” - “Cause I don’t like the way it feels, like the texture.” - ….”Can I ask you something?” - “Okay…?” - “You like girls right?” - “Yeah…?” - “You eat the puss right?” - LOL,”Yeah.” - “So you’re not technically a veg.”

WTF you mean technically?! Lemme just say for the record.
The day that I can buy pussy from the meat case or frozen section of a store, is the day that me being a lesbian concludes my choice of being a vegetarian. But until then?
I can date chicks, and not eat chickens.

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