Friday, May 21, 2010


Who remembers that show|series from ABC (I think)... it had it's own little song too, thank god it's fridayyyyy-ayeeee. Yeah, these kids have no idea what television is &I'm thinking maybe the corps lost the definition as well.
Good Morning America (because your day doesn't begin until you see me).

This is going to be an 'Update Blog' ; I'll semi-let-you-in on what's happening in my life. Let's just say that through all the ups & downs, a dude is still feeling isolated. But as Maya Angelou wrote "Nobody, but nobody can make it out here alone." Seeing as how I know that I am somebody to someone, I therefore can't be a nobody. So many different cliches in my head that I could wordplay that with, but fcuk the playing I'm about to graduate for real.

Life is crazy for me. Working and looking for work. Schooling and trying to get back on track. Loving and being loved. In all the complexities. Lesbians have this issue of living in Lala land. No one plans ahead, no one thinks about the future, they're solely satisfied with the present gift they have. Don't have time for that. I have a future ahead of me, and I hope that SHE will be there with me. I've done this before though, planned things for a singular-dually existence, just for it to crumble apart without notice in front of my face &closest to my heart. I'm trying to keep things at bay, but it's close against my back - we'll see where this leads. Time is the (man)ipulator of all things. Let's see where we go from here.

Today is just a really good day. I kinda spoiled myself, which was long overdue. I'm just going to breathe today, enjoy my weekend that I have off. Get to know myself, so that I can l_ve you better.

As far as the poetry? It's been... funny. Lol, I've been really lazy lately, and the thoughts seem to come to me in 2 places: 1. Bed, when I'm too lazy to go get an iTouch or pen&pad. This results in me whispering in Love's air|ear. And 2. the Shower, where I'm too.... yeah. So maybe I'll invent something that'll let me capture the thoughts. When I was younger that was a dreamcatcher, but in 2010 we need something a little bit more technological.

Invested in some clothes today. Hopefully I'll find the perfect pair of shoes next week. Got my glasses on, call it a fad, I call it image. I fcuked my hairline up in the back of my head, good thing I like fitted caps. Buying a book on drawing &painting, time to explore my other creative endeavors.

Rumors surround me like I live out in Hollywood, but the contrary is always truth. The sh.t you hear about me might be just about half-as real as the person that told it to you. I'm working on s.e.l.f. healing. Isolated or not, I always be okay. I'll survive. Like Gloria Gaynor sang.

It's tuff, but I'm always 10x stronger. Be easy. Peace.


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