Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life & Rhymes.

If you know me, you know that I am one of the biggest `Ye heads ever. I been on him, before the Taylor Swift gig. I was a fan of his producing, his pre[sense). He has this love for the beat, the 808 &bass. A lot of his music has the harsh mix of funk and soul, but he flows over with such a concrete rhythm. So when people tell me that hip-hop is dead, I always cause conflict.
People shut Kanye down so strong and heavy when he was trying to come up on the scene. I mean they hit him with everything, cause &effect. I write this as if I’m some sort of biographer of him. And though I know a lot of (wiki]factual information about `Ye; I know in truth &honesty, I’m just a fan.

But I respect him for the craft that he has turned into a masterpiece. He went from producing tracks for the biggest artist in the world, to measuring up to be one of the biggest personas in the world. Internationally toured, globally listened to. I hear people come out their mouth all the time about `Ye. About how controversial he is, how stylish he is, how he should stick to producing; and I mean to each their own opinion, but I aint tryna hear it. I have a likeness for him because how he came up, where he came up. More than just the Chi-town boy beat.

More than smoking herb, it was more like spoken word.

I’m from NY, an added factor is claiming the pride for being the birthplace of hip-hop. No disrespect to my hometown, but we have fallen off &the mid-west finally was what I was bumping to when I w.o.k.e. up. I don’t know the last fresh to death track I’ve heard that’s come outta NY (unless you count Diggy Simmons, though he resides in Jersey, but even he’s still on the rise].

Kanye developed his rap career as a spoken word artist would prepare for an open mic. All he wanted was to catch their ears, now he has our hearts. I follow everything that Kanye does, not to be some sort of paparazzi|groupie ; but to see what’s coming next. He’s viciously talented, but his style isn’t for everyone. I really feel like he’s ahead of his time, ahead of this time. I think I go so hard for Kanye because I realize his struggle, I feel his hustle, &I really appreciate what he’s brought to the table.

Though this whole piece was sprung from the morning glory of “Life & Rhymes of Kanye West”, an MTV documentary, which is some years old, Donna West is featured; my peers &those alike don’t have significant basis for what they listen to. The subliminal messages lead them to take on subliminal lives. Whereas I don’t want to be the next `Ye, I don’t want to be in that starlight. But music is a piece of culture. It’s a staple in the time capsule. I believe that Kanye West is definitely a good capture to have, we don’t have too much good music. God forbid if they look at our TV series from this era, because we’ve gone way down down down, pass MJB. But something like `Ye? Impactful. 

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