Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Whatcha Say.

Not all smiles and wishes
Hugs and kisses don't exist in the world I'm in
Madness engulfs me
Sadness circles me like the vulture it is
I search for answers through the haze
Habitually living life in a daze

It's just a phase

Escaping to pull away from the pain
My spirit always a few steps behind
Destiny doesn't heed to my voice
A prisoner to my own world
If only the words could send out a message
S.O.S. come soon

Acting up

Allergies got me sneezing
I guess it's going to be one of those seasons
When things flair up for no reason at all
Clinging to my blanket with an insomniacs race
This marathon nonstop but I'm looking for a break

You're okay

So I just pretend to go along for the ride
Maybe the end is near just not in sight
In spite
Of all the things I've been told and I've done
I'm still lacking that one thing
The string that holds me all together is a mere thread

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