Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Wanna

"I Wanna" by ACE:
I wanna fall in love with someone. I wanna juss see her walking down the street, the same time everyday, always do a double-take to see if she's looking back at me and gather her scent up into my lungs. I wanna meet her in the coffee shop, find out that she doesn't like her drink & make her smile by buying her a new one & then make that coffee shop ''our'' spot. I wanna send her a single rose at work, and even though it's only one, it makes her day like the dozens. I wanna lay in the grass and not wonder why we're gazing a at the stars, because our light outshines their glaze anyday. I wanna kiss her tears away, when I've made her laugh so much that her stomach hurts. I wanna cuddle on a Friday night, fuck the club, she's my party girl. I wanna know her favorite soda, and if she doesn't drink soda; I wanna know her favorite flavor of vitamin water. I wanna be able to walk hand in hand down the city streets, get a kick outta the glances from the ones who's opinions disagree. I wanna have fun in the kitchen, making a meal that turns out to be a catastrophe, so we order in for chinese. I wanna have her front row, front & center at my shows because my lyrics resurrect she-inspired poetry. I wanna come in the door and see her stuffing her face with ice cream, looking beautiful in one of my white t-shirts. I wanna lay down w| you between the sheets, and smell the sweet scent of your body calling me. I wanna watch you bite your bottom lip as you're thoughts flow away so pensive. I wanna read your poetry and add my own lines to vibe w| your rhymes. I wanna bring you cheddar fries when your sick, even though you don't need 'em. I wanna get caught off guard everytime you walk in the room, because your beauty makes my chest tight. I wanna know that when Im having a bad day, you'll end it w| a good night. I wanna make noise as you scratch your nails against my skin as if it was a chalk board. I wanna share hoodies w| you. I wanna hold the door open everytime you walk through. I wanna get caught left speechless mid-sentence by a kiss. I wanna be the one you hate to miss. I wanna...

(to be continued]

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