Monday, July 13, 2009

Taking Action.

"You never know what you got till it's gone." - If that aint the truth. Now, I'm not a person that's game for committment. I am the ultimate masochist, I will make pain outta nothing, push someone away, and make them put all the balls in my court - No rebounds. And when they leave? I'll break down, I'll cry, I'll get colder, build another wall, I'll "be alright."

Truth is this time? I aint alright. This time I fucked up to the point where I know she'll return, but I have to be on my p's + q's. Cause not having her hurts. Not having my someone, hurts. I do so much bullshit, I do it over and over. For 3yrs I've done the same thing, in a different manner - made my person go. But this person is irreplaceable. Sorry, and thank you. You know who you are. I love you, and I'm ready. I gotta show, and I will. Cause now? I'm falling apart - like sand on a tin roof.

I do my shit. I do alottttta shit. Cause my head got big, my pride boomed during this recession, my pockets stayed plentiful - I was/am the shit. But she's that thread that holds me together. Crazy thing I will say though, I do not lie. I don't lie, do I play games? Wordplay_cause words DO hurt me. Now actions must speak.

VERBSZ;_Cause words are put on mute.

peace, -ace.


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