Friday, July 17, 2009

$$$ List.

This list has been building for like (7]months now. I am a very particular person, but peculiar at the same time. My interests range from history & politics to music & producing to art & design to theology to working in hair salons. So I have this list in my phone of possible professions for me. *I have a thing for lists - I have a whole notebook dedicated to Lists. So yeah... I'm "one of those" people.

Anyhow - my mind is going on a constant flow of thinking where I want to end up. I mean I'm 20. In one year I'll be completely and totally legal. Out of that gray area I've been thrust into by society & going into my senior year of college. I still do not have a definite major. I have a minor in Political Science and this fall I will continue to do my Graphic Design. Actually taking courses, because I entered the Art department where I could only take BS classes (Art History] - all the g.o.o.d. classes are given in the fall.

As of right now here are the possibilities:

-Freelance Designer
-Interior Designer
-Museum Owner
-Clothing Line // Fashion
-Poet // Entertainer

If you know me, you know that all I watch on television is HGVT, History Channel, BRAVO, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, TLC, & CNN. Occasionally I flip to FOX News to get a laugh... But that's it for me. I don't know what direction I'm heading in. But I know that I have to make it a monkey-maker. My grandmother needs me to do well, my Papi told me that I would defy the religious significance of my (given "the perfect wife" & at the same I would enhance it to the traditional meaning: to be alive.

I am alive. I will produce something great, that will speak for me, even when my ashes are setting on someone's mantel.

peace, -ace

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