Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just Friends, Pshhh.

You know what's crazy? The fact that I have all these frkn "friends" ; but unless they're 100% straight (n.e.v.e.r. could|would|thoughtof|justNO]- they end up crushing on me. This is not a blog to stroke myEGO, there's enough picture comments & testimonials in my world to do that. Besides I'm pretty good on my self-esteem level thanks. I just want to cross|admit|exploit the fact that dude - DUDE, I have like no legit friends. Why? Because they all "feel something more."

Chuck your feelings and throw them in the nearest landfill to sit under some plastic that takes 20yrs to decompose. Honestly, it gets a bit annoying. You just vibing with someone, kicking it, just on some real "tell me about you" shit & then they end up liking you. That is NOT the business.

Moreso, what gets me, is that I can be on some real phaggieSTATUS. I mean saggy jeans, t-shirt that hide my (already barely existing] boobs, fittd & listening to some real crazy-"hard" rap? A dude will try to get at me so hard. Like it's quite obviously I like what you like - Go away.

Females are different. They are the most indecent, inconsiderate, incredulous individuals ever. (No I am NOT a woman-hater; I'm a lesbian so whamp] - I have had so many experiences with different types of chicks. There's the infamous groupie type, the one who will comment|own every picture on your page if you let them, can't understand no|I.don't.like.you, you can be rude as hell to this person & they'll still hit you up tomorrow with a text like aint shit happen. Then you got your "I aint a groupie" groupie. Boast & blast how they're NOT a groupie, but falls in with all the other groupie criteria. What's next? The ones who see that you're in a relationship or talking to someone or at least on some committment|not.available status - that's when they wanna spill their can of beans. On how much they diggin' you, always liked you, -etc -etc -etc. You got your real trifetype. These just don't care, they don't know how to act, don't even attempt to be discrete - just no home training. Crazy ex's, on that Jazmine Sullivan note & ex's that just can't get right, can't let you go. I'm sure there's more, not enough cyberspace to cover all the different types. I just can't get into deep how fickle females are.

It gets annoying as HELL. To not be able to just kick back and vibe with people. I promise you this my closes are either my besties, that I can count on 1hand or studs|ftm`s. I have the benefit of being open with my mum, she knows my business before anyone else, usually she hears the text word4word. I canNOT have lesbians for friends, especially online, because they just get blinded by the photoshop. And as far as in offline? I seem to be attracting jailBAIT. Hell nah, I look 12 but I'm 20 & definitely can go to jail. And penis? Get it STRAIGHT my dude, please.

I don't want a crush. I don't want to be "interested." Nothing's complicated. And no, we can't be "just friends." - Trust me, I'm GOOD.

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