Monday, August 31, 2009

Sweet Reluctance.

A spotlight
Starstruck like Santogold,
minus the glitter & tights.
Walking through the City streets
on a adventure unlike any other
No not on a tourist note
Just to go celebrate through his death
Michael Jackson's life.

We never made it.

Hectic work schedules
Intermixed with a new love affair
None of this was planned kinda just
fell into her lap;

The spotlight switched.

The beam that was just days ago cold
and searching was now stabilized.
This ending of the week was a surprise
But not one of shock; but empty promises
Now have been filled.


14th street delivered from the J
Looked for the S but never saw the gray dot
Ended up on the Q back to Union Square
Halloween suites & craving everything edible.

Can't eat till the sunsets.
Can't eat till the sunsets.
Can't eat till the sunsets.
Why are we doing this to ourselves?

Walked right into the sign
Black & White.

Admittance that w.e. have changed
Makes me feel like I'm not alone
If I have to travel 368miles I'd do it again
Minus the fuckface ; but all the same

Long lost lover?
According to some.

Exception Clause always stands -
I have my h.e.r.
& you have mr. awkward.

High school associates
Swallowing our nonsense
(because that's all it was]
Tripping over life falling face first.

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