Thursday, August 13, 2009

Really Shitty. (08/02/09 Performance]

I promised that I would deliver video for my performance at the Tramontane Cafe on August 2nd. I must admit, this was not at all my best performance. I really wasn't focused, nor really dedicated, and it's not at all up to my normal deliverance. But with all that was on my mind, and the news that soon followed, I am assured to say that I did my best that I was able to do considering the circumstances.

Rick actually brought the music that day, didn't really have time rehearse. This is all "What-Not-To-Do." Always be on ya game, after this I went in the back & really just got on myself because I know I can do better, I am better (Refer to post before this]. The works performed were "B4 I" ; "I Wanna" ; & "Signed, Sealed, & Delivered." -- It just wasn't right. But I like to follow through with my word, because Word is a powerful agent, and it's the tool that I was blessed with to have to communicate and change. Even though I'm sick and tired of poets who think their words can start a revolution. “Words should be used as tools of communication & not as a substitute for action.”

If you enjoy then please comment, if you don't please comment. I'm a sensitive asshole; but I do always welcome criticism. It makes me better.

Yes I look like a lost 12yr old, and I still feel like a lost 12yr old tonight.
^keep it 100

peace, -Ace.

Marco X dropped the video onto my FB like 34mins ago.
(Thanks Marco!]

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  1. Very nice, and yes you look like a teenager in this...loving the Billy Jean


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