Thursday, October 8, 2009


"bunchezzz": somebody msg'ed me &+ asked why ii never spell out "l_ve'
thatpoetace: mhm; people ask me too. . .

thatpoetace: ii don't answer;
"bunchezzz": ii did.
thatpoetace: what yu say?
"bunchezzz": response4mOatz: cause to me l_ve is a 3-letter word that exist w|OUT a heart|'o' if|when ii find [myheart] then ii will buy a a vowel &+ it will become a 4-letter word that exist|holds no definiton; it wouldnt be define, but in essence will define everything -- my heart will then be the center of "l_ve"
thatpoetace: yeah; been tryna formulate something like that -- but my wordplay isn't so developed.
"bunchezzz": yurs is better than mine.
thatpoetace: ii think not.
"bunchezzz": blah.

Explanation Granted; ^finz.

1 comment:

  1. Very Good Explaination. After My Last Relationship I Feel Like My "love" wasn't the Same... Maybe I Should Start Writing L_ve... lol


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