Tuesday, October 6, 2009


People make me more conceited than I actually am. How many times am I questioned about my name, or in a defensive manner people come at my neck, knowing I'm not that tall anyhow see what I'm saying, & they try to call me out on my name. "Your name's thatpoetACE, spit a poem."

1) I don't spit poems, I'm not a rapper. Freestyle's vs. Freewrite's; two separate things. 2) Who are you to be challenging me? Until you get some lyricism in your mind that flows off the tip of your tongue to sit comfortably into someones (preferably, mines) ear - Don't come at me. 3) If that's not the biggest peeve of being a poet, is people asking you to produce a piece of you and hand it over to them. Negative on the positive note cap`n.

What's behind a name? Recognition and Identification. My birth name, people mess up ALL the time, I don't know why it's so hard; 5 letters, beginning in ending in the same vowel that happens to be the first letter of the whole alphabet. I'm just saying. People make it harder than it has to be. There's different reasons behind "Ace"; just to throw it out there on an FYI note everyone calls me Ace. People at school, my cousins, even some campus faculty. So uhhh yeah, "screenname" not even.

But just to calm the central nerves of everyone with the "Why is your name thatpoetACE?" ; these are often people who are just obsessed w| this new phenomenon of worldwideweb celebrity`ness. Dunno how I became|if I am even a member of that class, but Imma seat myself for the purpose of this blog.

Here's the story, picture it, Sicily 1936... Okay Okay.

Truth: I did a couple of performances at the Tram Cafe over the last 1yr or so, any free Sunday I have and if I'm UpState I go do the Open Mic there. It's gotten a little performical over the last few months but whatever. NoHype, after the 1st time I stepped from behind the mic people became interested in me and what I had to say.  One Sunday, I had performed, I'd say show 4, and like 2 performers after me, this girl "Nic" came up to me. I was just dolo, chillen in the back, listening to some J. Schmidt. And she asked me "Aren't you that poet?" and I just looked up at her cause I didn't think she was talking to me. She repeated herself, "You're names Ace right? That poet Ace?" - And I like lite up like a 3rd grade bitch who just got asked "Check Yes or No" by my crush.- I just nodded my head. We eventually exchanged info, and like some weeks later she told my friend that "She's the typa girl that makes me wish I was bisexual, because she has this way with words."

Turning girls out from behind the mic? Not my style. Lol, I do not use poetry to pick up girls or get ass. Just not on my to-do list. I've never written a poem for a girl. I've written them about them. But never as a cheese ball gift. That's so 199o`s sweetie.

"I don't write poetry for her, I write poetry because of her.
Me: Your idolization; She: My inspiration."  (Tweet #3,078)

But jeahhh. I felt like putting that out there. I didn't create this name because I thought|think that I am some bomb ass poet. I've done tons of poetry shows, but my knees still buckle when I get on stage. I still write on napkins and scraps of paper because I don't feel like I'm ''worthy'' of collecting my stuff. I'm not a poet.
 I just play on words before I get played by words.

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