Sunday, October 25, 2009

Say Whats Real.

i wanna say a couple things about Drake. ima try to not go [IN] on things, i just had a couple of thoughts, realizations, &comments towards somethings that im feeling a typa way about. everyone has their own opinions &i dont knock you for that. if you dont like him [ehhhh] thats on you. but think of what are the other choices in hip-hop &look at hip-hops history. Drake is breaking records &still got a real sound to him. seriously. he's a hustler; not on a drug dealer note but just focused on getting what he wants with[OUT] having to do much else.

i have personally been on drake before so far gone, before best i ever had, before "wheelchair jimmy" became a flomp on him. i listened to replacement girl with trey, brand new, -etc. all the mixtape drakes that are only now getting play time due to his current blow up. nahhh, i been listening to drake. &then i was wishing that he would break mainstream. like PLEASE. - just stop.

[1]ne thing i wanna say is if you dont have an opinion on drake &you refuse to listen to him dont bangladesh on me for liking him. seriously. firstly, if you dont listen you cant have an opinion. thats ignorance at its best. if you dont know the content how can i respect your comment? im not going to. secondly, i can say that everyone, EVERYONE has listened to wayne at some point. if you listen to wayne, you're more than likely listening to drake. because drake has been a ghost writer for wayne on numerous occasions. if you didnt know this is what wayne does, when he doesnt spit his own rhymes. &finally, dont give me the "everyones on drake so i cant listen to drake because im an original." there's nothing original about anyone, theres only evolution with the same foundation. &also, with that mindframe - you're deff not original. k, thanks.

*dont ask about our bummfck'd banner.

last spring when drake's "so far gone" had just hit airwaves my school booked him for our springfest. it was between him &asher roth; drake won &drake delivered. we sold out to the maximum. daemen students got tickets for $1, outside students paid $5. i know some students who bought 5 $1 tickets &sold them for like $45,$50 a piece. it was that serious - drake is from toronto, thats right over the bridge. like 45mins away. he put on a good show. &he did it for $6,500. now ? because hes more popular he charges like 15-20 thousand to do a show, (dont quote me on that, thats what our student affairs president said) &theres alot of schools that tryna book drake. we did it first. ha!.

other points i have about drake is more so off stage. he's still in touch &keeps it real with his fans. he's also very well-spoken &educated. he's into MORE than just rap, he also can sing (though his voice is really... odd. lol], acting (we all know this), he's also into fashion. like heavy. seriously, not just j'z. i mean like dude posts a lot of independent low scheme fashion lines for designers tryna come up. he's overall just a good guy. &whats wrong with having a good guy in the rap game? seriously.

he's already on the level of "features blow up". any track drake is on blows up. he had 3 songs on #1 billboards at the same time. he had 8songs that he was on in total on the billboards in the top spots. like for real, he is unstoppable. &its time for rap to see something more than auto-tune &swagg. i also respect drake because he's not on the street come up &hes not some famous celebrity or fortune400 industry exec's son trying to rap. he's that in between, &he has real speak to say.

keeping it real, i was upset when he first came onto the mainstream scene. like oh man, he's gonna change over. but always he's flipped the game over. &he keeps it real. so like him i feel like have to say whats real. call me a drake drizzy dickk rider if you want to. - but we all know that i am homo for the promo baybeh. - i just felt like putting it out there.

drake concert 4/19/09.
*don't ask why my belts so bummfuck'd.

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